How to Clean Your Grill PLUS Two Bonus Recipes!


Clean Your Grill

Before you fire up the grill, you may be surprised at how much better everything will taste – if you clean it first!

What You Didn’t Know About Your Trusty Grill

One thing is for sure: Americans love to grill. Three out of four households own at least one grill, and more than a quarter of those have at least two!

Did you also know that July is National Grilling Month? Grilling is a great way to get family and friends together to enjoy holidays and the great summer weather.

Although July is almost over, it doesn’t mean that the grilling season is. Chances are that you will keep grilling for the rest of the summer and possibly the rest of the year!

For safety and to keep your food tasting delicious, remember to give your grill a good deep cleaning.

Stop burning time and check out this video featuring Teresa Hunsaker so you can get cleaning your grill today!

Bonus Recipes!

Now that your grill is clean, try these delicious recipes! This homemade marinade is so simple and tastes fantastic on any meat or vegetable.

Click on either recipe for a printable version!




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