Be a Hero! // 5 Tips for Saving Garden Seeds


Saving Garden Seeds

Be a gardening hero by learning how to save your own garden seeds!

A Seed Saved is a Seed Earned

Have you ever saved your own seeds? If you haven’t, now is the time to try it! Saving seeds has a ton of great benefits for you and your garden. Here are some of the reasons you should try saving seeds:

1. Money Savings. Saving seeds means saving money. Free things are always better!
2. Regional Adaptation. Crops grown in your own soil will produce seeds that will thrive in your environments. Commercially purchased seeds will be less acclimated to the soil and conditions of your garden.
3. Seed Security. If you save your own seeds, you know exactly what you can plant next season. Large corporations have consolidated the seed industry to focus more on hybrids. When you save your own seeds, you control the supply.
4. Consistent Quality. Commercial companies often sacrifice quality to remain competitive on price. Saving your own seeds ensures that the seeds you will use next season are top quality.

To help you get started, hop on over to the Organic Forecast to find 5 essential tips for collecting and storing garden seeds!

Which fruits and veggies are you looking forward to saving this year?


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