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Author: Ann Henderson

How to grill safely -

Grilling season is here! I like the charcoal grill okay, but it takes a long time for the coals to heat up, so I don’t use it very often. But I received a propane grill as a gift, and that seems to be the answer for me, so now I’m ready to start grilling! If you are ready like me, you may want to check out the factsheet I found on barbecuing and food safety. It has some great tips about marinating, precooking foods to reduce grilling time, final cooking temperatures for different meats and how to keep foods hot until you are ready to serve them. There are 15 topic areas with all the information you’ll need for each. If you are looking for some similar tips at a glance, check out our recently shared “How to Keep You and Your Food Safe this Summer” post.

Safe tips for keeping food safe this Summer


There is also a postcard you can print out that provides a quick refresher. Happy grilling!


how to grill safely -



Henderson, Ann Ann Henderson is an Extension Associate Professor for Utah State University in Box Elder County.  She loves teaching and helping adults and youth find practical solutions to everyday problems  related to financial management, nutrition and health, food safety, preservation and storage, and family relationships.  She believes that when you strengthen families you strengthens communities.


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