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Author – Joanne Roueche

10 tips for positive parenting - LIveWellUtah.org

“Spring has sprung” and the kids are out of school, or soon will be. It is a time of year that comes with new beginnings — the beginning of summer sports, more family time and a more relaxed routine. It also comes with new challenges, including, “Hey Mom, I’m bored!”

As parents, we want to provide a memorable summer filled with fun and educational opportunities for our children. The following positive parenting techniques have been used by the Child Welfare League of America to provide parents with information needed to make parenting more enjoyable and effective.

1. Appreciate the value of play. Play is a child’s work. It is a valuable tool that teaches children about the world around them. Creative, unstructured play is being lost in our society.

2. Talk with and listen to your child. Be aware of the verbal and non-verbal messages you send to your child.

3. Build your child’s brain and body. Enjoy the summer’s harvest with fresh, healthy snacks and family meals. Enjoy the out of doors while providing educational opportunities visiting state parks, museums, libraries and zoos.

4. Be your child’s first source of information. Encourage your child to ask questions and provide him or her with an honest answer. Your openness and honesty will create a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

5. Learn how children develop, and know your unique child. No one knows your child like you do. Support all areas or your child’s development, including physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral.

6. Cherish your child’s individuality. Spend time alone every day with your child sup-porting his or her interests and talents.

7. Organize your home for success. Teach good safety habits and establish daily routines. Enforce family rules, for example, everyone putting their dishes in the dishwasher after dinner.

8. Take care of yourself. If you are not feeling well, you cannot be an effective parent. Eat healthy, get enough sleep and take an occasional break from parenting.

9. Make time for family activities. Enjoying family activities creates a sense of belonging.

10. Teach your child right from wrong. Lay the groundwork for your child to develop a strong moral code.

We created a fun summer journal by covering a composition notebook with scrapbook paper, adding embellishments and inserting the “Ten Tips for Positive Parenting” on the inside cover. Our goal is to create memories from each area throughout the summer.

“If you want your child to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.”

~Abigail Van Buren~

Roeche, JoanneJoanne Roeche – Associate Professor, USU Extension


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