What are Some Fun, New Ideas for Date Night?


When you hear, “date night,” what do you picture? Getting a great babysitter to watch the kids and heading out for dinner and a movie? Or maybe, “who has time for date night?” is what flashes through your mind. Whether it’s been years since your last date night or you’re looking for ways to shake up your routine, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

1. Talk To Each Other

With busy days, we may not realize that time to talk with our partner has slipped away. Just the act of communicating about intimate and vulnerable topics with another person can strengthen our connections (Aron et al, 1997). Here are some ideas for how to set time aside for talking with examples linked:

2. Play Together

Play promotes greater closeness and positive feelings between people which has been associated with better couple bonding, communication, and ability to resolve conflicts (Aune & Wong, 2002; Vanderbleek et al, 2011). What that play looks like is entirely up to you. Play should be lighthearted and something that you both find fun, funny, or entertaining (Aune & Wong, 2002). Here are a few ideas and links to get you started: 

3. Do Something Totally New

It’s easy to get stuck in a comfortable pattern. However, boredom can be harmful to our relationships and “lack of novelty” or not having enough new experiences with your partner can lead to boredom (Ursu & Turliuc, 2019). Finding something that pushes you out of your comfort zone a little or allows you and your partner to have a new experience together might be just what you need: 

  • Take a class (online or in person) and learn something new together
  • Find something happening in Utah that you’ve never heard of and try it out
  • Go to an amusement park or arcade without the kids 

The most important factor in any date night is the people involved. Making the effort to spend time together regularly and connecting in ways that you both find enjoyable is the most important goal. These few ideas can get you started on new adventures, but don’t be afraid to find more and create your own date nights, too!

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By Chapel Taylor-Olsen, BA and Ashley Yaugher, Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor, PhD

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