February Pre-gardening Checklist


There is much that can be done now to get a jump start on the growing season. These tips with links from the Utah State University Extension Gardeners Almanac can help you get started.

* Consider adding a smaller structure such as a low tunnel or a larger high tunnel to extend your growing season.

* Try your hand at starting vegetables or annual plants indoors from seed to get a jump start on  growing.

* Consider growing herbs and/or microgreens indoors to add fresh greens to your diet.

* If you are storing bulbs, check the condition of the bulbs to ensure they are firm, and remove any soft or rotten bulbs.

Prune grapes and fruit trees in late February to early March.

Fertilize fruit trees at least 6 weeks before they bloom.

* Monitor for deer and rodent damage in the landscape.

* Avoid fungus gnat infestation in house plants by allowing the soil to dry between watering.

Click here to see a video of February gardening tips.

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