Finding a Cure for the Sheltering-in-Place Blues


Feeling cooped up while spending so much time at home? Consider some of these fun activities to keep restless kids busy and prevent you from pulling your hair out!

  1. Give winter one last hoorah by creating your own snow. Add baking soda and shaving cream together in a container for a fantastic moldable snow that is naturally cold. For an added science experiment, add a spritz of vinegar to make snowballs or snow explosions. Click here for the recipe.
  2. Get crafty. Make flower paper chains to decorate the house. Create your own greeting cards using homemade stamps made out of blocks and shaped rubber shoe insoles or carved potatoes. Learn how to make items out of colorful duct tape, or create bubble art. See Pinterest for inexpensive and fun art and craft ideas.
  3. Get cooking. Try a new recipe, make edible play dough or create favorite treats. If you have older youth, try a cooking challenge using certain ingredients.
  4. Build a fort, tower or castle out of large plastic cups or blankets. Make it a competition (who can build the longest, tallest, etc.). Play a game, read or sleep in the fort.
  5. Have a scavenger or treasure hunt. For example, search for all the supplies necessary for a fun project.
  6. Play board games, race each other to complete simple puzzles, or get active by playing games such as Chinese jump rope. Click here for directions.
  7. Put on a puppet show. For extra credit, construct your own puppets out of socks or paper bags to tell a story of your own creation.
  8. Take funny pictures or make funny videos together using a smartphone app such as “LOL Movie” or “Magic Mirror.”
  9. Go hiking. If the weather is cooperating and you can get outside, look for maps of trails in your area and explore a new trail. Have a nature scavenger hunt while hiking, or pack snacks and enjoy a picnic at the end of your hike.
  10. Learn to find constellations. Find a star map on a smartphone app, such as “Skyview Lite,” or online at:
  11. Have your own Olympics. Make up your own events such as Hula-Hoop, jumping rope, shooting basketballs, Frisbee toss, swimming noodle “javelin” toss or hopping a certain distance. Create silly awards to present to participants.
  12. Dream together. Find pictures online, in magazines or draw fun things you want to do in the future together. Paste them on a poster board and display it somewhere that you can see it often. 


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By: Naomi Brower, Utah State University Extension professor

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