7 Tips for Safe Slow Cooking


7 Tips to Slow Cook SafelyAre you a fan of slow cooking? Ensure that the food you slow cook isn’t just easy and delicious, but also safe to feed your family with these seven tips.

7 Tips for Safe Slow Cooking

  1. Thaw meat or poultry thoroughly to ensure proper cooking time.
  2. When using a commercially frozen meal, follow the instructions from proper cooking.
  3. Fill slow cooker one-half to two-thirds full for best results.
  4. Follow safe food handling guidelines according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA 2012) and remember to wash, keep food chilled, and separate foods—especially if using meat
  5. Preheat the slow cooker before adding food, or cook on high for the first hour to provide a rapid heat start, shortening food’s exposure to the temperature danger zone.
  6. Place vegetables on the bottom or around the side with the meat on top because vegetables take longer to cook.
  7. Use a calibrated thermometer to test for doneness. Place the thermometer in the thickest part of the meat, away from the bone. Safe internal temperatures include 165℉ for poultry, 160℉ for ground beef, pork, and lamb, and 145ºF for whole cuts of beef, pork, and lamb with a 3 minute resting time (USDA FSIS, 2011).

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Source: Using the Convenient Slow Cooker Safely by Susan Haws, Associate Professor, Utah State University, Summit County 

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