Sliding vs. Deciding for Better Relationships


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Find out why it’s important to make clear decisions instead of just going with the flow.

One of the reasons relationships can be difficult is that people don’t make clear decisions together about what they’re doing or where they’re headed. There are times in life when it’s easy to slide, or go with the flow to enjoy life. However, sometimes we need clear decisions that make it easier to follow through.

Sliding vs. deciding means people do best when they make decisions about important things in life rather than sliding through life without thinking carefully about what they want. For example, after coming home from work and the business of the day, instead of sliding into watching TV, decide to plan an activity with your partner or child. Another example would be deciding to save up for a trip or large purchase and setting up a savings plan, rather than just hoping there will eventually be enough money for the trip you’d like to take.

USU Extension – will be teaching Within Our Reach curriculum as part of our Healthy Family Fun Nights. One of the core themes of Within Our Reach is based on this idea that we do best in life when we make clear decisions, instead of sliding through choices. The course will teach critical life and relationship skills to help create a better environment for your family. Participating families will also learn how to make a healthy, quick, delicious dinner and enjoy it together. We are currently recruiting for a series in Logan, UT that will be held in the evenings on May 16, May 23, May 30, and June 6. Register for the event in Logan here.

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This article was written by Carrie Durward, PhD RD Assistant Professor and Extension Nutrition Specialist


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