The Secret Life of Bees


Secret Life of BeesBees are critical to our food system, and yet many people still see them as a nuisance. Increase your understanding with these five facts about bees.

  1. One in three bites of food are a result of pollination
  2. Honeybees pollinate 80% of fruit, nut and vegetable crops
  3. One hive can have between 40,000-60,000 bees
  4. A queen bee can lay about 800 – 1,200 eggs per day
  5. Honeybees can fly up to 15 mph and can forage up to 3 miles away from their hive

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Are you a beekeeper, or are you interested in being one? Backyard beekeeping is increasing in popularity, and USU Extension has a new series of classes to promote healthy hive management. The classes can be taken individually, or you can complete the whole series and receive a USU Extension Advanced Beekeeping Certificate.

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