Decorating with Fresh Greenery



Join Live Well Utah editor Marta Nielsen as she talks with Studio 5’s Brook Walker about how to keep your fresh wreath or garland looking beautiful through Christmas, and learn how to put together your own holiday wreath using fresh greenery.


Fresh holiday wreaths can be found just about everywhere—even at your local grocery store. Whether you’ve purchased a fresh wreath or made one yourself, there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your decorations and keep them looking beautiful.

Display fresh wreaths and garlands outside. Once you’ve cut the plant off from its water source, it begins to dry out. As it dries it may begin to drop leaves or needles and lose its vivid color. The warm environment in your home speeds up the drying process. Indoors, a wreath will last about a week, while decorations kept outdoors should last a month.

Use an anti-transpirant. Products such as Wilt Pruf help fresh greenery retain its moisture and can prolong the life of your decorations. You can find products like this at most nurseries.

Choose the right materials. If you’re making a wreath, choose materials that will retain their color as they dry. Good options are eucalyptus, olive, magnolia, bay leaf, and boxwood greenery. All of these can be ordered or purchased from a florist. Eucalyptus can often be found in a well-stocked grocery store floral department. Boxwood is common in residential landscaping, and dries to a lighter green that is beautiful for display in the springtime. If you want to make your own evergreen wreath, most Christmas tree lots will sell you a bag of boughs for just a few dollars. Adding in some other natural materials like pine cones, pepper or juniper berries, and a festive bow complete the look for a welcoming front door display.

This article was written by Marta Nielsen, Live Well Utah Blog Editor.

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