Smart Dating: 12 Questions to Answer About Your Partner’s Conscience


Smart Dating- Concience Graphic

These 12 questions will help you determine your partner’s conscience.

Much of how a person acts in a relationship is related to the maturity and functioning of his/her conscience. A partner with a poor conscience is one who leaves you feeling forgotten, unappreciated and unloved over and over again. Your conscience has two functions: to monitor your actions and attitudes and to transport you into another’s perspective that prompts understanding and compassion.

You don’t want to find yourself dating a person with a poor conscience, or worse, married to one.  How do you determine if a potential partner has a poor conscience? We’ve compiled a list of 12 questions you can answer about a person to help you find out!

  1. How consistent are they with attitudes and behaviors they say and believe?
  2. What do they feel strongly about? Right and wrong?
  3. How do they handle it when they are wrong?
  4. How defensive are they?
  5. What type of things make them feel guilty?
  6. Do they understand and validate your perspective?
  7. How do they respond to your explanation of your view and feelings?
  8. How do they react to authority figures?
  9. How controlling are they?
  10. What special things do they do for you?
  11. What are their moods like? How stable or unstable are they?
  12. How much attention do they give to your needs — both spoken and unspoken?


Note: It takes about three months for deep-seeded patterns to show in a relationship. For this reason, it may be hard to determine if a person has a poor conscience if you have not known him or her for very long.

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This article was written by Megan Hargraves, Media Specialist with Healthy Relationships Utah,

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