Top 10 // Tips for Winterizing Your Garden


Fall Garden

Follow these tips to winterize your garden!

Turn Down for What?

It has most definitely been a long and rewarding gardening season. Many delicious crops have been harvested and enjoyed.

However, this time of year gardeners are ready to be done pulling weeds, dealing with snails and other creepy crawlers and being heartbroken by crops that didn’t turn out as expected.

Before you take a break from your garden however, make sure you leave it in a good place for the winter season. Although it seems like spring is in the extremely distant future, it will come faster than expected! You will be grateful that you took these extra steps to properly turn-down your garden before the chill of winter takes over your yard.

Here are two tips for proper garden turn-down:

Tip #5. Mulch tree leaves and add to compost pile along with a couple cups of nitrogen fertilizer to speed up the composting rate.

Tip #7. Plant perennials! Visit your local nursery and save big on hardy perennial plants like thyme, sage and oregano. If you’re feeling adventurous, try planting a rhubarb plant too!

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