Ask an Expert // Top 5 Drought-Tolerant Plants


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Enjoy beautiful blooms all the way from early spring through frost!

Gardening in a Desert

Gardening in a desert has its challenges. While many plants don’t hold up to scorching heat, cold nights or dry soil, there are quite a few plants that thrive in a desert environment; you just have to find them!

Fortunately, gardening expert Susie Jones from the Ogden Botanical Gardens in Ogden, Utah, has recommended 5 of her favorite drought-tolerant plants. These beautiful plants will keep your garden looking beautiful and fresh without needing a frequent drink from your hose.

1. Pasque Flower
“I love this one because it’s one of the first flowers in my garden and it blooms for 6 weeks!”
Pasque Flower Blog

2. Plumbago
“Its true beauty doesn’t really show until late August, when it puts on a wonderful show with its beautiful blue flowers.”
Plumbago Blog

3. Stemless Four-Nerve Daisy
“This is the little engine that could… it just keeps on going ALL season long.”
Stemless Daisy Blog

4. California Fuchsia
“This plant is very drought-tolerant, has fantastic color and the hummingbirds love it!”
California Fuchsia Blog

5. Broadleaf Penstemon
“This penstemon is a great companion plant with cool-season grasses and bearded iris.”
Broadleaf Penstemon Blog

*Utah hardiness zones range from 4a to 9a. Most cities along the Wasatch Front fall between 6a and 7a. If you don’t know your hardiness zone, check out this map from the USDA.
Utah Hardiness Zones

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