10 Ways to Enjoy Wintertime


Author – Naomi Brower


Winter break will soon arrive. Consider some of these fun activities to keep restless kids busy and prevent you from pulling your hair out!

  1. Let it snow! Even if the snow hasn’t started to fall, you can create your own snow. Add baking soda and shaving cream together in a container for a fantastic mold-able snow that is naturally cold. For an added science experiment, add a little spritz of vinegar to make snowballs or snow explosions.
  2. Get crafty. Make snowflakes or paper chains to decorate the house, homemade stamps out of blocks and shaped rubber shoe insoles or carved potatoes to create your own homemade holiday cards, or a holiday card holder out of wide ribbon and clothespins. See our Pinterest Winter Inspiration board for lots of other winter craft ideas.
  3. Get cooking. Try a new recipe, make edible play dough, or create favorite holiday treats and share with neighbors.
  4. Use colored construction paper to dress each other up like a snowman, Christmas tree, Thanksgiving turkey, Santa Clause, etc.
  5. Build a fort/tower/castle out of large plastic cups or blankets. Make it a competition (who can build the longest, tallest, etc.)
  6. Have a scavenger or treasure hunt. For example, search for all the supplies necessary for a fun project, such as, building a fun fort.
  7. Play board games, race each other to complete simple puzzles, or get active by playing games such as Chinese jump rope.
  8. Put on a puppet show. For extra credit, create your own puppets out of socks or paper bags to tell a story of your own creation.
  9. Check out the free resources at your local library. In addition to the free classes or events the library often offers in the winter time, check out a video such as yoga, dancing, or karate and try something new!
  10. Make a memory book. Take pictures of the fun things you do during winter break or favorite pictures throughout the entire year and create a picture/scrapbook to remember all the fun things you’ve done together.




brower, naomiNaomi Brower is an Extension Associate Professor for Utah State University. She has a Masters of Family and Human Development from Utah State University. Often called the relationship guru by friends, Naomi is passionate about helping others improve the quality of their lives through creating and strengthening their relationships with others.


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