5 Fruit Freezing Steps


Author – Amanda Christensen

How To Freeze Fruit in 5 Easy Steps | Live Well Utah

Want to preserve your harvest without busting your budget? Don’t want to fork out a ton of your hard-earned dollars? Whether you haven’t invested in the equipment for home canning or you just don’t have the time, don’t let your harvest go to waste. Freezing fruit is a great option. Here are five simple steps to follow to freeze fruit. I will use nectarines in this example but these steps can be followed for any fruit.

STEP 1: Wash your fruit well. Cut in half and remove pits. If desired, peel skins from fruit. (I prefer the skins on since we use these nectarines for smoothies during the winter and the skins are full of nutrients).5 Fruit Freezing Steps - step 1

STEP 2: Spread fruit out in a single layer on a baking sheet. (Optional: treat fruit with citric acid, lemon juice or Fruit-Fresh to help prevent browning over time). Freezing fruit flat on a baking sheet helps fruit freeze without it sticking together in big clumps.5 Fruit Freezing Steps - step 2

STEP 3: Freeze 2-3 hours. Fruit might not be completely frozen but won’t stick together once you place it in freezer bags.5 Fruit Freezing Steps - step 3

STEP 4: While fruit is freezing, label gallon-sized freezer bags with the name and date of the fruit you are freezing.5 Fruit Freezing Steps - step 4

STEP 5: Fill freezer bags ¾ full with frozen fruit. Store fruit flat in a freezer. It is best if it is used within 6 months but will last up to 1 year.5 Fruit Freezing Steps - step 5

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