Marriage Survival


Author – Carolyn Washburn

How 6 hours can change your marriage -

Marriage is important to Americans. Married couples are healthier, wealthier and their children do better in school.  More than 90 percent of Americans will marry, however about 50 percent of these relationships will end in divorce.

Did you know that a game changer for your marriage might be just 6 hours?

Research tells us that couples who spend 6 hours a year in relationship enrichment maintain strong relationships.

This might be:

  • taking the time to attend a couple’s retreat or conference,
  • reading marriage enrichment materials,
  • trying marriage enrichment activities found online.

Making a commitment to keep your relationship strong will be the best gift you can give each other and your children. And, don’t forget that those weekly date nights are a critical component for healthy relationships.

Relationship Tip:  Kindness – the most important element in any relationship!

Relationships and kindness -

Check your local area for marriage conferences and classes or visit (link). Do you have a relationship tip? Share it with us and also check out our Pinterest board on relationships for more fun ideas, links and ways to creatively and easily spend time together.

washburn, carolynnAuthor bio – Carolyn Washburn is a family consumer sciences agent for Utah State University Extension. Her responsibilities include financial management education, food safety and nutrition, healthy family relations, emergency preparedness and working with youth. Her goal is to help individuals and families become self-sustaining and resilient by being financially prepared and healthy for any emergency. She serves on the National Disaster Education Network and has just completed the new food storage manual for USDA. Her most cherished award is America’s Promise, awarded by Colin Powell.

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