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We’ve rounded up the resources that will give you the tips and advice you might be looking for to help your tomato crop be more successful this year. From splits, spots and more get clicking and pinning to find the information you need!

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Ever have a problem with tomatoes cracking along the top? The Salt Lake County USU Extension office blog called The Organic Forecast addressed this issue. They say, ” Cracks or splits can happen in tomatoes either in a circular pattern (concentric) or they may radiate out from the stem. Tomatoes crack when the skin of the tomato does not stretch enough to accommodate growth or internal pressure.” They list the 2 main reasons for cracking is irrigation practices and pruning. Find out a few different ways to prevent it by clicking over HERE.

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The Organic Forecast blog says, “Although rare because here in Utah, are climate is not humid and moist much of the time, we still can be affected by tomato bacterial spot… The pathogen that causes this disease may be introduced to a field on infected seeds or transplants. It can then survive up to a year on plant debris that was infected the prior year. The pathogen becomes active once temperatures heat to the 80s and 90s, and when several hours of moist conditions occur.” So what do you do about it? Click over to find out some simple tricks to getting rid of it.

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Have you ever wondered why your tomatoes were spotty in color? The Utah PESTS identifies 3 different types of viruses that can affect parts of Utah – spotted wilt virus, Late blight and early blight. Click over to their article HERE for all the information.

 curly top tomotoes -


Commonly found affecting several different types of plants, tomatoes are not exception. Utah Pests has the symptoms, disease cycle information, management and more .

Want more information about Tomatoes? There is a great free publication listing best varieties to plant, soil prep, mulching, rows, FAQ’s, etc. Also, pop over to the TOMATO search on the USU Site.

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