Marinate and BBQ – Recipes and Safety Tips


Recipes to marinate meat and recipes

The holiday weekend is coming and that means grilling season will begin! Marinating the meat and smothering it in yummy sauces adds flavor to the BBQ feast. Looking for some good marinade recipes? Do you know what containers are safe to put your marinating meat in or how long it should sit? One of our agents, Darlene Christensen, has done all the work for you. Marinating Meat Safely answers all these questions and even includes some recipes to try! Click over to get all the information quickly.

Looking for some new side dishes to try at your BBQ? Here are a few that have caught our attention!

Vegetable Kebobs

grilled vegetable for BBQ recipe

Root Beer Baked Beans 

root beer beans BBQ recipe

Mango Avocado Coleslaw 



HomeStyle Potato Salad


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