Food in a Jar Recipes


Delicious salad put into a jar for easy transport

We have oodles of ideas for using jars for canning, safety while you are canning, salsa recipes for canning and of course Jams & Jellies.

But the jars can be used for more than just canning. Here are a few ideas we found to make use of the jars when they aren’t full of your canned goods.

A quick solution is a salad in a jar.

salad in a jar

 More salad options – some savory and some sweet:

salad in a jar recipes

What about converting that jar so it’s more usable for a small adult lunch box?

All this talk about lunch options begs the question: What about breakfast? Have you tried this overnight oatmeal in a jar recipe?

oatmeal in a jar recipe

Hope you enjoyed these creative and helpful ways to get some use out of the jars between canning seasons. Do you have a favorite recipe in a jar? Share it with us!

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    • Hi Natalia,

      You can find mason jars pretty easily online. Search for pint jars. You can also find them with canning supplies at most grocery stores.

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