August Bucket List // 31 Days of Fun

August Bucket ListSummer is almost over, but there’s still time to do a few more fun things with your family. Check out this list for inspiration.

  1. Visit your county fair – see the animals and all the fun exhibits youth and adults have made.
  2. Make your own bubbles and have a family bubbles contest.
  3. Go fishing at the urban fishery or a lake.
  4. Go to a concert in the park.
  5. Take a drive to see the beauties of nature.
  6. Go to the park and throw frisbees.
  7. Make kites and fly them at the park.
  8. Go to a garden or orchard and pick your favorite vegetables or fruit, or visit the farmers market and bring some new food home to try.
  9. Make homemade ice cream in a bag or a can.
  10. Go on a smartphone scavenger hunt in your neighborhood – let everyone come up with items to find.
  11. Interview a family member about what he or she did for fun as a kid.
  12. Make your own pizzas together.
  13. Pick your favorite family movie and watch it together.
  14. Make your own family crest or other family art project that you can hang in your home.
  15. Take a trip to the library and have everyone select a children’s book to read at home.
  16. Go for a hike in a park or somewhere you have always wanted to see.
  17. Visit the zoo or bird refuge.
  18. Take a walking tour to see historical sites in your town.
  19. Visit an area museum.
  20. Watch the sunset together.
  21. Go camping…even in your backyard.
  22. Play croquet or other fun lawn games.
  23. Go on a geocaching adventure near you home.
  24. Make your favorite float – with ice cream and root beer or your favorite flavor of soda – maybe after “Back to School” night.
  25. Have a water balloon fight or squirt gun duel.
  26. Go on a bike ride as a family.
  27. Make an obstacle course and invite the neighbors for an evening of fun.
  28. Have a neighborhood “unbirthday party” for everyone.
  29. Make cookies together and deliver them as a surprise to a neighbor.
  30. Make your own bowling alley in the back yard using cans or soda pop bottles and balls.
  31. Have a hoola hoop contest with your family and friends.

This list was compiled by Marilyn Albertson, Utah State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Associate Professor, Salt Lake County