Marriage Survival: It’s a Jungle Out There!


marriage-survival-graphicInterested in strengthening your marriage? Read on!

Research has found that married couples are healthier, wealthier and their children do better in school than those who are unmarried or divorced.  But, marriage can be challenging! Gaining skills and tools of healthy relationships can keep relationships happy and strong. Here are tips to keep relationship strong in five important areas of relationships:


Being committed to each other is the first step in a good relationship. As part of thinking about “we” instead of “me,” it is important to understand and discuss each other’s personalities and needs.


Learning and practicing healthy communication skills such as “I messages” and good listening skills can show your partner that you value your relationships and promote positive communication.

Financial Harmony

Understanding each other’s money styles, keeping a budget, and setting financial goals as a couple can all help you to help you grow closer together rather than having finances be a source of frustration and contention in relationships.

Strengthening Your Friendship

Investing in your relationship with quality time, finding small ways to show that you care, and maintaining a positive mind set can strengthen your relationship.

Protect Your Marriage

Learning how to cope with conflict effectively, and learning traits of safe and happy relationships can help you protect your marriage from negative outside influences.logowithcouple

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This article was written by Naomi Brower, USU Extension associate professor, Weber County

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  1. Hello, I attended your session in Kentucky. I’m a CEA in Harris County, Houston, Texas. I attended your session and purchased some items. Our office flooded last year and everything was lost. Can you please provide me information on how to reorder the curriculum and supplies. Thanks. or 713.274.0969.

    • Hi Sonja, I’m not sure what session you are referring to. We are affiliated with Utah State University Extension, not with anyone in Kentucky. Sorry about your flood!

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