Ask an Expert // Tips for Fall Planting

tips-for-fall-plantingWatch USU Extension gardening expert Jerry Goodspeed share some tips on fall planting on KSL’s Studio 5.



  • Planting in the fall allows plants to establish roots and recover before the weather turns hot again in the summer.
  • Fall is a great time to find plants on sale at nurseries.
  • Anything can be planted in the fall. It is an especially good time to plant trees and shrubs. Perennials are also a good choice for fall planting. Look for ornamental grasses or plants currently in bloom at your local nursery. You can enjoy them for a short time now, and again each fall.
  • Try planting pansies and bulbs together.
  • When planting, be sure to mulch around the base of the plant to keep the soil around it warmer for longer. This will help the plant establish roots. Try using bark, peat moss or soil pep.
  • While fall is a good time to fertilize your lawn, don’t fertilize anywhere else in your garden, and don’t do any major pruning. Just enjoy your garden and the work you put into it all year!

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