Resource Roundup – Food $ense

have you used Food $ense? Plan, cook, eat, & recipes

Have you been over to the Food $ense website? It’s a wonderful website with tips on how to include your family in planning, cooking, and eating.

Be sure to check out these different areas:
Plan – Plan to Save, Plan a Menu, & Plan to Shop
Cook – Cooking Basics, Cooking Skills, & Cooking Safely
Eat – Eat Well, Eat Together, & Eat with the Kids

What is Food $ense?
Food$ense is Utah’s Snap Ed Program. They provide nutrition education to low-income individuals and families throughout the state. Food$ense holds workshops throughout the state to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles among food stamp recipients and eligible.

Click here to learn more about Snap-Ed & Program.

Looking for more help with choosing what to eat? Also be sure to stop by for some great information!